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Music Instruments

At Ontario Conservatory of Music, we know the importance of a proper, suitable music instruments, which is a key factor in determining whether a student can learn how to play a musical instrument, or whether or not a student will know how to play that instrument well.

Unlike retail stores, our objective is not to simply ensure you buy something, anything. Piano is a great instrument to start learning music. A large number of digital pianos available in stores are simply inadequate for piano study, all portable keyboards, and some are very advanced, simply do not have the internal mechanisms necessary for proper piano study, in fact, most pianos instructor and music teachers of any quality, following a minimum standard, will insist you have an acoustic piano in order to learn properly.

We attend and are members of international music trade shows such as, NAMM ( and MIAC ( Through these private industry trade shows, we purchase containers of the finest quality music instruments direct from manufacturers ensuring your family will receive the best possible price and quality.

We purchase direct from the manufacturers and ship directly to our warehouse, there is no middlemen or distributers! The following is a picture of one portion of our warehouse containing our digital piano inventory, at any given time we have over 250 digital and acoustic pianos in stock.

Ontario Conservatory of Music has the single largest stock of pianos in-house than any retail store or music school in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Scarborough, Woodbridge, Milton and Hamilton.

We have the most flexible, No Down Payment, No Interest & No Payment financing program available in Canada, but to take advantage of this exclusive program you must be a member!

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